Chicago style pizza is becoming legendary throughout the United States.

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The argument as to which style of pizza is best, of course, is a matter of personal taste. However, within the last few years, newspaper polls in both New York City and in Los Angeles have been won hands down by Chicago style pizza restaurants.

One of the most important factors that differentiates Chicago pizza is the dough. The crust is thick, yet tender and flaky. The formula for this dough is a closely guarded secret, obtained partly through trickery and deceit, the balance through extensive experimentation.

In this age of consumer awareness you might wonder what you are getting for your hard earned dollars. Our large pizza weighs in at all almost 5 pounds.

Aside from the pizza, you might be interested in knowing that the room you are sitting in was at one time the parlor for a house of ill-repute. The ladies would entice their clients from the large windows, and after the choice was made, retire to one of the eight doors which you can see down the hall.

This building was constructed in 1876 in honor of the nation’s birthday. You can see a bricked-in doorway on the south wall. This was a door connecting to the Cosmopolitan Hotel, now a parking lot. This lot is best known as the scene of the “Tie-the-chain-to-the cop’s-axle” stunt in the movie American Graffiti.

Enjoy your meal.
Chicago Bill

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